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Wondering About the Writing Process?

You’ve decided to write your book…YAY! Don’t pop the bubbly yet though…there’s miles to go till you see your first printed page

Remember those movies you loved watching…

Those that started when the protagonist put his first blank paper into the typewriter in the first scene and then after 120 minutes or so, he coolly wrapped up the movie and got a big, fat publishing advance… Those movies didn’t tell you the truth.

“A writer is someone for whom writing is more difficult than it is for other people” -Thomas Mann

Sorry to burst the bubble…

  • Writing is lonely. It’s not debonair lonely…it’s just lonely
  • Your first draft is just that…it’s a draft of your ideas. It’s not your actual book
  • Your book takes shape through the edits…that’s where the actual writing starts
  • Giving a structure to your fabulous idea is one of the main pains for first time writers

Writing is all this and more…it’s an exploration into your mind and an exhilarating journey, if you allow it to be one.

Why Do I Mentor?

Because if I look back on my writing journey, I can see how many times I have been confused and lost…but the passion for writing made me keep on finding solutions and re-thinking my problems.

For more than ten years, as I sat at my desk (of course I went home…I was not chained to the desk… not visibly of course!) willing my mind to keep ideating through diverse topics, I formulated tools and ideas that helped me create books, articles and more for a diverse range of clients.

Now, most of my authors are either working in corporates or running a business while they try to write their book. Writing requires a lot of time and if you have another responsibility along with writing, the strain can be tremendous.

There is no need to make your path more difficult than it already is…especially when you can access an experienced writer’s guidance.

As your book mentor I can help you think through your book’s structure and ideate with you throughout the writing of your book…

…because all journeys, especially those into the wilds of the mind need a good friend and guide to stop you from falling into the dark unknown or losing your way in the maze of distracted thought.

Book mentoring also helps you reduce the time spent on edits (that’s where most of the book writing time goes). And as they say time is money!

The faster you write your book, the faster you can use
it to
springboard your personal brand or idea.

As you work on your book, you not only develop your idea but can also formulate more plans for using your book to market your skills because a book truly changes how seriously your industry and clients take you.

Together we CAN!

Ease Your Path into Writing with a Book Mentor

The process of book mentoring involves discussions, scheduled meetings, plans and reviews. As I help you structure and convert your idea into a book, we achieve greater clarity on the essence of your book.

INSIDER TIP: We will start with the ‘why’ of your business and your purpose. In my book writing process, I strongly believe in the WHY.

Simon Sinek, well known author and motivational speaker talks about it in the Golden Circle, and I have personally found that books and people who best influence you, talk about their why first.

So, what’s your WHY?

Let’s discuss…


  • 2️⃣ Two 90 minute coaching sessions
  • 📧 Email Support
  • 📞 30 minutes phone support
  • 📄 Templates and Support Material


  • 3️⃣ Three 90 minute coaching sessions
  • 📧 Email Support
  • 3️⃣ 📞 Three 30 minute phone support sessions
  • 📄 Templates and Support Material

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