Business Writing

Create Persuasive, Authority-Building Content

Looking for Authentic and Highly-Persuasive Content for Your Business?

Business writing is persuasive and fact based. Most importantly every piece of business writing has a specific WHY depending on whether you want to inspire, educate, converse, connect or promote.

One idea doesn’t fit all.

That’s why I provide highly customized content for each client after detailed discussion and research.

My content builds your brand, tells your story and persuades your audience in a clear and compelling way.

These are some of the ways I can help you…


Trust, authority and visibility are the three main benefits of regular blogs and articles.

To be effective you need to have:

  • Content Plan: Defining the when, what and how of content is always better than a knee-jerk reaction
  • Clear Calls to Action: Create purposeful articles that direct your audience unambiguously to your business needs
  • Good Research: An authoritative voice comes from intensive research and this leads to clear, compelling articles
  • Screenshots and Visuals: No one can read a wall of text. Break up boring walls of text with appealing visual content and design (I can ideate with you)
  • Target Audience: The articles should connect to your audience and/or solve a problem. (Of course, some articles can simply entertain too… but do keep your audience in mind)

In short, to build trust and authority you need more than just SEO heavy articles claiming that your product or service is the best. You need well-researched, original articles and a good content plan.



Lead generation material increases subscriber base and builds authenticity and authority. Use these proven content strategies to add layers of depth and credibility your content and brand.

1. Case Studies

Go beyond basic testimonials and present deeper proof of your excellence to your prospective clients.
Case studies are embedded with data and facts and showcase real-life solutions.
Their well-worded messaging:

  • Increases prospective customers belief in your company’s solutions
  • Easily addresses unvoiced objections
  • Leads to greater customer buy-in

Case studies are a great way to build connections and confidence…

Let’s start working on your case study…

2. Ebooks

Showcase your mastery on a particular topic and increase your subscriber base with downloadable ebooks in exchange for authentic email addresses.

Digital marketing expert, Neil Patel lists eBooks second on his list of ways to create lead generating content, behind data-driven case studies.
Be helpful. Share your knowledge and see your audience grow.

You can even offer variations to ebooks by creating checklists, reports, industry survey and more and offering them for free. In fact, I can help you plan these too…

Let’s content it!

3. White Papers

A study shows that 76% B2B decision makers are affected by the messages in White Papers.

These authoritative reports, inform, persuade and advise your readers through hard evidence, facts and extensive industry research. They help your potential clients understand how you can help them solve their problems by showcasing your knowledge and industry understanding.

Use the undeniable power of White Papers to accelerate your business growth.

Start Now!


Did you know that between 70 and 96% of your website visitors will never return once they leave after that initial browsing session?

Your website is your biggest conversion tool. Don’t dilute its power.

Connect to your audience and attract more prospects and clients by creating interesting content around your business and offerings because, the longer they stay on your website, the greater the chance of them converting!

A typical website copywriting package includes the following:

  • In-depth interview and strategy session with you to define your audience and develop the perfect key messages
  • Clear, engaging and persuasive copy for each page, including motivating headlines and call-to-actions.
  • Suggestions for images and layout that will boost conversions.
  • Coordination with your web designer or design firm (I can also help with ideas and designers I have worked with)

Create the perfect message for your brand