When we started working on the book #ChangeStartsYoung, we were very keen on including stories of young changemakers in a way that they were very attractive for young readers. Nishka with her immense talent with words worked closely with our team to craft the right stories, define the tone of the stories and make the content engaging. It was even more challenging as we wanted to restrict each story to two pages. Nishka was able to distil the stories to crisp and compelling stories, which our young readers are thrilled to read.

It was a pleasure working with her and would love to work with her again.

Dr. Ashwin Naik, Healthcare Entrepreneur
Nishka created well-researched content for us. She worked under tight deadlines and delivered high quality of work. We are very pleased with her work and highly recommend her for business content requirements.
Lester VK, Head - Sales and Marketing, Sundaram Business Services
I found Nishka’s work to be very creative and  it proved itself by being engaging for young learners.
The stories were age appropriate in terms of language and concepts, with relatable characters and many memorable lines. The stories were written keeping the voice of the child in mind. As such, they fit in well with XSEED’s teaching/learning materials.
Nicholas Edwards, General Manager Academic Content, XSEED Education
From understanding a completely new subject to capturing my voice while ‘ghosting’ my book- Nishka displayed rare professionalism and commitment. She worked sincerely through the whole project and helped me create a book that captures my essential discoveries.
A first time author in an interesting domain (NDA applies)
Nishka helped me create a more personal and engaging tone- that mirrored my own- while writing my first book. I knew my subject well, with Nishka’s help I worked more on the interesting element. She offered great insights in the book development and creation process. I recommend her wholeheartedly.
Greenstone Lobo, Greenstone Lobo, Scientific astrologer
Nishka is a proactive and creative content creator. Despite having no prior knowledge of our niche, she quickly grasped the essentials and helped us communicate the intricacies of estate planning in an interesting and easy-to-understand manner. She helped shape our content into effective communication.
Ravi Dole, CCC WillEffect Pvt. Ltd
We hired Nishka to write children’s stories for an international audience. She understood her brief and researched the culture well. Nishka helped us create content that was engaging and educational and was able to easily blend the components of a different culture into her stories.
Anju Dhillon, Deputy General Manager, Academic Content TeachForce Education
Nishka worked for me on a book project for the ‘Turkish Ministry of Culture’. She delivered great quality. I would recommend her work to others too!
Cumhur Orançi
Nishka wrote several articles for us detailing urbanscapes and their effects. We enjoyed working with her as she delivered on tight deadlines and interviewed industry experts while maintaining a superior quality of work.
Komal Rao, Founder, CEO, Editor-in-chief Urban Vaastu
Derek Lewis
Nishka has been a joy to work with. Always reliable, always on top of things, always ready for a new challenge. I love her professionalism, her love of learning, and her genuine care for humanity.
Derek Lewis, Business Book Ghostwriter and Coach
I would strongly recommend Nishka to anyone looking to create an engaging book on a niche subject. She worked on a subject that was completely new to her & it was delightful to see her passionately engage to learn enough about the topic through a series of interactions, web research and interviews.

The information she gathered as a result was beautifully integrated into her writing, which obviously is her strong point. This ability to be able to gather information and convert into engaging text is a gift that Nishka has.

She is extremely patient, is a good listener and flexible in her approach while ensuring the much-needed objectivity in the writing is always tabled from her side.

Thanks to her passion for creating a meaningful outcome, one often sees her adding value beyond her scope of work to ensure what is getting delivered is value for the time, money and efforts being spent.

A happy CXO author in a technical niche