Craft Your Business Book from an Idea

Struggling to Write a Business Book?

“Show, don’t tell”

That’s the advice that writers are usually given to turn their manuscripts into books that readers can lose themselves in…


‘Show, don’t tell’ is the number one way you can build an audience that builds your business.


You see, telling people that you are a world-class coach or consultant does not have the same effect as showing people the same fact- through your well-written, thought provoking book.

A book that leads to an AHA moment for the reader will always get you more clients because now they understand that you are an authority in your subject.

If you are a visionary entrepreneur, coach or a consultant- a book written by you can

  • boost your credibility
  • build your platform
  • reach out to more clients
  • land speaking gigs
  • and even define your industry

Yet, despite all these proven benefits, many would-be authors perpetually cogitate on the idea of writing a book… while the world moves on

Don’t let this happen to YOU

At Nishkawrites, I help authors craft their ideas into a book because I know that writing is much, much more than putting words to paper.
Writing is a practice and a discipline.
In fact, the journey of a writer is very different from that of an entrepreneur, a coach or a consultant and requires a completely different set of skills…

Choose a Professional Ghostwriter to Write Your Book

How Can a Ghostwriter Help You?

For more than ten years, I have been helping authors give words to their vision.

As a ghostwriter I am skilled in listening to you and our discussions help me understand what you want to convey…what’s more I have often been told that I capture my author’s voice!

The joke is that I am a skilled mimic who can write :-)

Ghostwriting a book requires much more skill than just quoting you verbatim.

Most of my authors who come to me, have the idea and the expertise but their book needs more than that.
Your book needs a concept not just an idea…I will help you develop your concept, plus…

  • A book needs to be structured into chapters
  • Each chapter needs to flow into the other
  • The writing has to be interesting, yet informative
  • Most importantly, a good book needs to convey its ideas with clarity

My ghostwriting process is designed to uncover all these aspects of your book.

You are unique and so is your story…Hence, I provide customized ghostwriting service based on your needs.

The ghostwriting process is more than just listening…the process involves discussions, sharing of views, transcribing, writing (of course…lots of it), first draft creation, edits and more discussions, a professional edit and a final book.

One of the surprising benefits my clients get from this customized and exhaustive ghostwriting process is CLARITY.

After going through the Ghoswriting process, my authors understand more deeply how they want to communicate their idea to their readers

As we discuss and write and discuss some more and write again- your book develops with a clearer picture.

You can envision this process like crafting a beautiful sculpture from rock.

Michelangelo, perhaps history’s greatest sculptor, understood this concept and one of his more famous quotes goes thus:

“I saw the angel in the marble and carved until I set him free.”

Let’s sculpt your book…it’s easy when you have a skilled ghostwriter by your side.