The Proven Secrets of
Writing Your Expert Book

The Proven Secrets of
Writing Your Expert Book

Want to write a book about your learnings but are lost in the writing process?Overwhelmed by conflicting ‘Google’ advice?
Need guidance and handholding through the entire writing process- from idea to book?

Welcome to the
Ideology Builder

Your complete support system as you visualise, write and refine your book







Welcome to the Ideology Builder

Your complete support system as you visualise, write and refine your book







You see your book as a platform book: a book that will help you market your expertise, speak to a wider audience or build your personal brand.

You want to write a book that will inform, inspire, and influence. Something more than just a run-of-the-mill business book because you are tired and bored of reading the superficial solutions.

You are willing to go deep, share all that you have learned and write how you overcame particular problems plaguing your niche. But every time you sit down to write you find it super-hard to put those words on paper…

You have seen your ideas work so many times and produce incredible outcomes.
You know all the ideas that want to write.
You know your book can help so many in your niche.

Why is it so hard to write what you know so well?
Why do the chapters not flow as easily on paper as they do in your mind or when you talk in workshops/seminars?
Why does your writing not match your vision for your book?

Struggle to


Build Your Book’s Focus


Craft Engaging Stories


Write Without Overthinking

You are the expert and people come to you for advice but you are struggling to write because you are writing the hard way.
Let’s Ease Your Book Writing Process…

You Struggle to


Build Your Book’s Focus


Craft Engaging Stories


Write Without Overthinking

You are the expert and people come to you for advice but you are struggling to write because you are writing the hard way.
Let’s Ease Your Book Writing Process…

Say No to…

Writing The Hard

Being Confused by Conflicting Advice

Overthinking & Hesitating While Writing

There is so much advice out there but most of it sounds conflicting because no one ever told you there are different processes for each stage of writing- ideating, structuring, writing. The problem is that you are trying to write, structure and ideate for your book- all at the same time.

Another critical factor adding to your writing woes is that no one told you that writing a book is not a linear process, it’s a chaotic creative process.

Writing without understanding these stages means that you spend a lot of time figuring out what to write, over-thinking your writing and sometimes you just give up on your book. It’s not your fault…

You need step-by-step support that guides you from your idea to your book.

What if you could dump the confusing advice for a well-defined system which takes you step-by-step through the writing process?

What if You Could

1. Build the Chapter Structure:

End the time-consuming cycle of waking up with a new chapter idea every day. Get clarity on the best way to structure your book so that it speaks to your reader.

2. Write Without Second-Guessing:

You are an expert in your niche and people seek you out for advice yet when you start writing your expert book your mind fills with questions. Discover your book’s true focus and write without hesitation. You’ll reduce the time you spend hesitating and finish your book faster.

3. Choose Your Book’s Perfect Niche:

A book that speaks to everybody speaks to nobody. When you uncover your niche readers, you will easily find the right way to write for them. This way you cut off the noise and resonate with them.

4. Craft Interesting Stories:

You know your stories- of how you struggled, the challenges you faced and what you learnt. Now find out how to write those stories in a way that hooks your readers in. Developing your core stories and ideology will help you beyond your book, it will form the basis as you speak and narrate your ideas to a wider audience.

5. Embrace the Creative Chaos:

There are well-defined steps in writing but these steps do not follow linear progression they develop in chaos. Once you understand the steps, the chaos will seem perfectly rational. You will see it as a natural progression and once you see that you can write any number of books!

Delete the confusion and skip all the well-intentioned advice that doesn’t work. Stop procrastinating over your idea because now you have the complete solution that takes you from your idea to book. Build your ideology and see it take shape week by week in the Ideology Builder

This is How
Ideology Builder Works

In 2-hours sessions each week for 20 weeks we will work through the different steps required for ideation, structure and writing so that you not only get the correct advice for the relevant stage but also learn how to practically apply it and most importantly, you get feedback.

The only exceptions to the 2-hour rule will be in module 2 & 4 where I will work with you on a more intensive level in a full day session. This is essential for going deep and building a strong ideology and structure for your book.
I will be there walking beside you as you ideate, structure and write. Beyond our regular one-to-one meetings you’ll have access to me through express calls on pre-defined days and emails. you’ll get accountability support, handholding and access to my ideas , templates and strategies that are tailor made for writing expert books.


Before you start writing, decide what exactly you want to solve. The idea of a business book is to solve a problem and the more specific of a problem your book solves, the easier it is for someone to read it and recommend it to their friends and colleagues. By the end of Module ONE you will develop your book summary and see the concrete ways your book will be unique and valuable to your readers.

Week 1: Building the writing mindset

Writing is a mind-game. This session forms the basis for your writing mind because when you understand the games your mind will project you stop being caught unawares and getting side-tracked from your writing.

Week 2: Identifying your reader

Make your book resonate with your reader by correctly identifying your reader. Correctly identifying your reader, also makes it easier to choose which learningsfrom your vast experience, you want to include in your book. This is a gamechanger for building focus as you write.

Week 3: Understanding your niche and its books

Going step-by-step we develop your book’s niche. Look at the best books in your niche and see how we can make your ideas uniquely stand out. This week’s research goes a long way in building your book’s structure..

Week 4: Developing your book’s key theme

Create a summary and theme of your book that articulates your idea in a way that makes it a logical choice for your readers to read and recommend. Develop a powerful focus so that your book fills a gap in your niche.


Your chances of writing well require a solid framework for your writing and your ideas. In Module TWO we will work out exactly what you want to write, define the chapters and work outhow they flow seamlessly into each other to build a solid framework for your book. This stage is critical for eliminating overthinking, distractions, overwhelm and writing mind fatigue.

Week 5: Deep diving into ‘all’ your ideas for your book

To write, you must first get your information out of your head and onto the paper. The best way to do it is through a free-flowing converstaion that catches a lot of small details and makes your book uniquely yours. My experience in drawing an author’s rough ideas out will guide you through this day long process and we will create a rough outline of your book.

Week 6: Building your chapter framework

What chapter works, what doesn’t? In this module we will combine your ideas and your learnings from Book Positioning Module and convert it all into seamlessly flowing chapters that take your reader into an interesting journey that answers their problems and resonates with them- every step of the way.


Writing is a creative journey and creativity does not move linearly. As your writing guide, your accountability partner and reviewer-all rolled into one- I will support you as you create the building blocks of your book. As you write each chapter, I will review it and cheer you on to the next chapter. This way chapter by chapter we will write your book and build deeper clarity as we write and you will finally get the motivation and support to complete your book.

Week 7: Exercising your writing muscle

Let’s get your creative juices flowing in this session as we work our writing muscles and build sinews of imagination and description. Experience the wonder, joy and pursuit of writing in this session.


Week 8-18: Writing with accountability- no hesitation, no overthink

Brain fog, procrastination, lack of motivation are some of the varied reasons people stop writing. In Module 3 we will conquer all the roadblocks on your way to writing your book with chapter-by-chapter review, accountability support and handholding through your writing weeks. I will respond to your emails in 24 hours and will set up impromptu zoom meetings if you need them to get back into your writing. These weeks are reserved for writing and full-on support.


Home run! You have written your first book. It has all the elements you envisioned. Now what?

In the 4th Module, you will get clarity on the next steps. What is essential? What is optional? What now?

I will share my rolodex of experts who can help you shape your final published book and tell you which things you can close on your own. In short, I share all my learnings, strategies and techniques in creating a published book.

Week 19: Closing the gaps in your manuscript

Now that you can ‘see’ your book with all the chapters, you will have more ideas- this is the eternal writing process. We will see where you want to refine and what you want to add plus where you want to put the final full stop. You’ve covered a big writing journey … now is the time to breathe in, take stock and decide ‘what next’.

Week 20: Getting the strategies for final published books

Publishing a book encapsulates steps like editing, proofreading, getting your ISBN numbers, interior formatting, book cover design. In this session I will share my contacts, experiences and the best tips to take you forward.

Why Have I Created the Ideology Builder?

 I think we need more diverse voices in expert books.

I have been writing since 2008. Most of my authors are either leaders in corporates or are running a business while they try to write their books.

The ones I write for are the ones who finally decide to outsource their writing, but there are many who yearn to write on their own.

I have heard innumerable stories of how business leaders and coaches started with great motivation while managing their daily work…only to soon give up when myriad responsibilities claimed their time and energy…

and even when they persevered, many times they started doubting their writing skills because their chapters didnt reflect their vision stop writing.

The problem was never in their writing skills but in the lack of correct advice and support while writing.

That’s why I created the Ideology Builder…

because there is no need to make your path more difficult than it already is…especially when you can access an experienced writer’s guidance.

As your Ideology Builder I can

  • give you practical advice as you create your book’s structure
  • ideate with you throughout the creation of your book
  • review your writing
  • be your accountability partner and your motivating guide

…because all journeys, especially those into the wilds of the mind need a good friend and guide to stop you from falling into the dark unknown or losing your way in the maze of distracted thought.

Book mentoring also helps you reduce the time spent on rewrites (that’s where most of the book writing time goes). And as they say time is money!

The faster you write your book, the faster you can use it to springboard your personal brand or idea.

As you work on your book, you not only develop your idea but can also formulate more plans for using your book to market your skills because a book truly changes how seriously your industry and clients take you.

Together we CAN!

Ease Your Path into Writing through the Ideology Builder

I will share my learnings through easy-to-do templates and a structure that will break up the writing into manageable steps.

INSIDER TIP: We will start with the ‘why’ of your business and your purpose. In my book writing process, I strongly believe in the WHY

Let’s Start…

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