I would strongly recommend Nishka to anyone looking to create an engaging book on a niche subject. She worked on a subject that was completely new to her & it was delightful to see her passionately engage to learn enough about the topic through a series of interactions, web research and interviews.

The information she gathered as a result was beautifully integrated into her writing, which obviously is her strong point. This ability to be able to gather information and convert into engaging text is a gift that Nishka has.

She is extremely patient, is a good- listener and flexible in her approach while ensuring the much-needed objectivity in the writing is always tabled from her side.
Thanks to her passion for creating a meaningful outcome, one often sees her adding value beyond her scope of work to ensure what is getting delivered is value for the time, money and efforts being spent.

A happy CXO author in a technical niche

As an Ideology Empath I can’t share the names of my clients (till they allow) but sometimes my work and interviews are featured in articles. In a world where talking about and sharing work done is the norm…this restraint puts me in a place of ‘self-propogating’ silence. This silence is chosen and is a part of my work, but I can share some of the places where I have spoken…

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