Today seemed to go the same way my days were going for the past two weeks…

Days where I spent my time doing jobs that were important for my family’s continued well-being. Mommy and house help kind-of jobs. Jobs that involved looking after my happy, bouncy kid who was down with a viral infection, to calling plumbers and checking under carpets for lost toys and swept-up dirt, on to managing tired tantrums and exam stress of my elder one.

Yes, like every mom, I’m Superwoman in disguise, though on days like these I feel more like Wolverine fighting hairballs.

These were the kind of days where I looked at my work calendar and planned many things but managed to do only the most urgent ones. Days like these created backlogs because I needed ‘mind space’ to work the not-so important stuff.

First let me explain what not-so-important usually means in my dictionary…something unrelated to family and work.

In plain English…That’s doing something that gives joy only to me. The words I write for myself, and me alone. From my blog to my story that was on it’s fourth edit to articles that reflected my views.

The last two weeks, while I was running around trying to be supermom, I carried the image of a kind of haven in my head. It was a room with a window that looked out into a green space. In that room’s golden silence and green view, I thought and I wrote.

It would be a desk like the one on top or even a smaller one would do:)

That’s what my life was supposed to be. All this was just an interlude.

Then yesterday my inbox threw in a mail from one of my favourite inspirational blogs and I got goosebumps.

Stephen King, came and personally nudged me back on the right track.

He said…

Read that inspiring mail  in Zenpencils unique style here…

That’s why, finally, in the middle of all that life around me, I picked up my art.

So when are you doing your art?