Planning to write email follow up campaigns to sell a product or service?

The first thing is obvious:

Each mail has to say something different. It definitely can’t be a variation of ‘buy now’.

But what?

The moon and the stars, gyan, share-an-article, industry update, stand-up comedy?

All of these things can be done…

Right now, I’m looking at cases where you already have a hook.

Your prospect might have downloaded a free template, subscribed to your newsletter or downloaded a whitepaper/case study of your company

What next?

Step 1: Think Like Them

Do you know the best shoes to wear as a marketer?

Your customers shoes.

It’s true. You need to walk in their shoes to understand what they really want.

Think about it…you have already shared a whitepaper/ free template/ ebook.

Now, put yourself in the customer’s shoes and think what they would want after reading your free sample…more information? Some help? Would they view the freebie on mobile device or laptop? What do they plan to achieve?

For example, say your business provides personal AI and Machine Learning coaching. They are both very in-demand and technology heavy subjects.

So you created a webinar to generate leads.

Now, you plan to offer a free “60-minute consultation” to help participants understand which course works best for them.

So what questions do you think the participants would ask themselves once the webinar is over?

Here are my guesses:

  • How will I get my questions answered?
  • How much do the courses cost? Is the cost worth the benefits?
  • Do I need to take the course NOW? Is it urgent for me?
  • Could I get some references?
  • What is the job market like? Would this course guarantee a good job?
  • How are you different from other coaching businesses? Why you?

Now can you see your buyer’s journey?

It’s full of questions but do remember the golden caveat of marketing:

Decisions are made on emotional basis. Its never rational.

But a good marketer makes it seem rational.

Onto our next step…

Step 2: Arrange Those Questions

As buyers always want a rational reason, price vs benefit is the tipping point. But before that you have to answer the unasked for emotional questions…

Create the emotional need in the mind- Why Me? Why Now? Why True?

Then, in the end answer the questions of pricing

Once you’ve done this, you’re ready for the final step…

Step 3: Create a short, simple theme for each email

Now you can decide what topic you’re going to focus on for each email in the sequence. Here’s an example…

  • Email #1: Got questions? Here’s how to get answers.
  • Email #2: What happens during your 60 minute consultation?
  • Email #3: Is our coaching program for you? Take the quiz…
  • Email #4: 3 important ways our coaching boosts your AI/ML career
  • Email #5: How our coaching client, Yamini, got her dream job in Microsoft!
  • Email #6: Will coaching be worth your investment?
  • Email #7: Last chance. Spots of filling. Waiting list has begun.

Makes sense?

Go and replicate it😊