I work with business leaders and coaches to help them create books which explain their ideas to a larger audience. This is a very different kind of writing. My work involves ghostwriting or book coaching and I’ve found a deep need for clarity in this niche because there is much advice- good and bad around writing that needs to be sifted and checked. Let’s check one such myth: just start writing!

Writing is fun.

Writing is complex.

There are so many kinds of writing which address many different kinds of readers. There is B2B writing which needs a different style from B2C. Blog posts for businesses will talk differently from whitepapers.

My authors are usually business leaders or entrepreneurs who have successfully built man businesses. They are good at articulating their ideas and that’s why they find it odd when they face a block while writing their own books.

The fact is writing a book ≠ writing blogs/whitepapers/business proposals/workshop manual

A good business book in my opinion needs stories. It has to address the ‘why’ so well that the reader feels compelled and excited to try the ‘how to’.

Most importantly book writing takes time. That long time is a blessing and a curse. It’s a blessing because you get to develop your idea. It’s a curse because it gives you a lot of time to think and usually when we think, no matter how successful we are or how good our ideas are, we find a way to browbeat ourselves by thinking

🤔‘my idea is not good enough’

🤔 ‘my writing is terrible’

🤔 ‘there are so many books in the market, how can my book help?’

That’s why I suggest that writers especially those writing their business books, give themselves a truly good reason to start writing.

Don’t jump straight into writing.

Plan your writing and most importantly how do you plan to market your book. Think of ways of building your author platform. Do all this work before you jump into writing.






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