Ghostwriting is much more than hired help…It is a process and a ghostwriter can empower your idea and your book with these 3 amazing super powers!


“I liked the book,” I remember telling a more experienced ghostwriter about a ‘how-to book I had read, “but I think the course the author is speaking about in his webinar has the same ideas as the book.”

He chuckled at my naivety, “That’s usually the case. When authors write their ideas in a book, it helps them connect to a larger audience and then they use that book as a springboard into creating courses, get more speaking gigs or start a mentorship program. A book can kick start all these ventures; it can also amplify the author’s brand.”

Yes! Books can do all that and more but there is a process involved- writing, publishing and marketing.

All three play a very important role in what your book will achieve. Writing is the first step. Most authors give up their dreams at this step because writing demands something very different from them.

“Writing a book is a tremendous experience. It pays off intellectually. It clarifies your thinking. It builds credibility. It is a living engine of marketing and idea spreading, working every day to deliver your message with authority. You should write one.”

― Seth Godin

3 Super Powers of a Ghostwriter…

“Thinking about my book is inspiring but writing it seems so demotivating,” rued one of my authors and despite being a professional writer I understood where he was coming from.

Writing is not easy. It requires re-writes — more than one and multiple edits. But even before that, consolidating all your ideas into a structure requires effort. A ghostwriter can help you through all these hurdles and be your comrade-in-arms while writing your book… because a ghostwriter can do 3 immensely powerful things for your book (other than writing)


1. The Power of Listening

A ghostwriter picks up the clues and styles in your speech. This creates authenticity in your book.

“Why should a book sound like me?” you ask

Because if you are an energetic and casual person then the book shouldn’t sound like it is written by someone who wants to see their face reflected in their shoes before they sit down to a family dinner. If you think your readers will want to read such a book then think again… a very wise person once said to me, “our best audience is usually someone like us.”

The charade might sell the book, but when your readers connect with you, they will find a very different person and this will lead to dissonance. If you are writing this book to build your personal brand then your personality has to seep through and a ghostwriter’s power of listening sets the book on the right path.

2. The Power of Questioning

A ghostwriter has to understand what you want to say and the way you think. Asking questions – lots of them is the easiest way to understand an idea. Many people mistakenly think that a ghostwriter just writes what they say in a more clear, comprehensible and beautiful way.

“Just clear out the rough edges!” they say

“Nay sire, no can do!”

If a ghostwriter were to write each chapter as the author dictated it would be a disaster and only your family and friends would compliment the style because they already know what you are saying.


Because we miss out many ideas when we talk. The links are missing, the flow is not there. Writing brings clarity to the idea and rewriting it adds the polish. The best invention for a writer is the word document. You can cut, copy, paste and easily move around the stories and ideas in different parts of your book. But first, you have to write them all down!

I like to say that, ‘ghostwriting is like method acting’

A ghostwriter needs to get into the mind of the author to write with confidence about the author’s niche subject. If I am not confident about what I am talking about, for example ‘how daily work management builds quality and empowers workers,” it will show in the writing and the reader will feel the disconnect. The discussions and tons of discussions, help me understand your idea from your perspective and write it.

Another benefit of these discussions and questions is that authors realise hidden aspects of their ideas. This has happened to me so many times when I discussed the authors subject.

Once an author was surprised when after a few discussions I recapped and told him, “ok so let me get this straight, you first did X and then when you observed a gap, you did Y and then the employees said that they faced problems in another area so you did Z. Through these three steps you completely eradicated the problem and that’s why you now say that applying W(consolidation of X, Y, Z) in the process works.”

“Oh yes,” he said, “I didn’t realise I had done so much!”

Thank you. Take a bow… your work and ideas go deeper than you think. Through questions, the links stand revealed!

3. The Power of Collaboration

If you don’t want to get lost at C…collaboration is for you (seriously I need to be fined for this🤦‍♀️)

Collaboration is like a silver thread that runs throughout ghostwriting. Collaboration means I am always there to listen to your views about your book.

Writing a book is an extremely time consuming and laborious process. It is a full-time job and as most of my authors are busy running their business or working in their job, they understand the limitations on their time.

Collaboration means that we work together, develop a high level of trust, share personal and confidential information, honour the confidentiality and work together as a team.  I will help you define the target audience and the WHY of your book, structure your table of contents, write down the chapters, discuss each chapter and ensure that it resonates with your voice and your ideas. But you will still be the decision taker and be involved in the book.

To achieve this, I have created a detailed ghostwriting process that puts YOU, the author right in the middle of the book.

I will not set weird rules like, ‘only 6 hours of discussion and then charges apply.’


This book is your dream and I want to make it as real as possible. That’s why I will listen, discuss and collaborate with you to write your book.

My 3 superpowers are ready to work for you…


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