You have a goal in your mind about building your brand and your business, but the path towards it seems hard to decipher and lost in the mist. As you draw up a list of the steps you need to reach your goal, there are many questions:

When should you write your book?

Should you create your brand first…

Or build a readership first?

The list seems endless…

I have learned that you don’t need to do everything on your own.

Writing a book about your expertise seems a daunting task. To conquer such overwhelming situations, you can delegate it to a ghostwriter.

But what are the pros and cons of a ghostwriter?


Advantages of a Ghostwriter

When you write your own book, it goes through several rounds of rewrites. It is overwhelming and time-consuming.

A ghostwriter is a professional who knows how to write your story with a laser-sharp focus. He or she will reduce the time spent in creating your book because they have honed their experience and skill over many books.

It takes me 6-8months to write a book for my author and in that time my author engages with his or her audience and finds ways to increase the readership. It saves a lot of time. You can read about my ghostwriting process here.

When you hire a ghostwriter to draft the content, a lot of time and energy gets saved because their professional insight and expertise will help reduce the number of rewrites.

You can solely focus on ideating and discussing ideas and changes without feeling overwhelmed all the time.

A ghostwriter helps you easily create laser focus in your book.

Do you find some books that are tomes of knowledge but you don’t like reading them because they are too hard to grasp?

Do you ever recommend these books to friends or talk about them?

I don’t think so.

That’s because writers want to impart the knowledge of a lifetime of expertise in one book. If you share it all in one book, it can get too much for your reader to read.

The book becomes lengthy and verbose. Ultimately the knowledge doesn’t receive its full potential.

A ghostwriter’s expertise will guide you in fine-tuning your content, and also give you an insight into what your readers would like to read. Working with an experienced ghostwriter will make your book more readable and relatable. It will have more chances to be well-received because a ghostwriter brings skills other than writing into your book. I call them the 3 superpowers of ghostwriting- You can read about them here.

Drawbacks of a Ghostwriter

Ghostwriting is expensive. Especially if you are looking for experienced ghostwriters who can create a book in your voice and who involve YOU throughout the process.

Creating a book with YOUR voice comes at a price. But then you would know the value it comes with or you would have chosen to write a generic book that your writer could record in one discussion and Google the rest.

Where Will You Find your Ideal Ghostwriter?

Where to find that perfect match who can write the book of your dreams? There are two primary options that you can look upon for quality ghostwriters:

  • Do a quick google search. It takes you a long way! Google does the ranking according to how well-versed a writer is hence, you can pick one according to your desired criteria. You can search the world to find one ghostwriter who will be perfect for you.
  • Search them on popular social media ghostwriters’ groups such as on LinkedIn, Facebook, and others. These platforms will provide you with plenty of options to choose from, and their accounts will speak for their authenticity.


How to Evaluate a Ghostwriter?

To find a ghostwriter who understands your ideas is critical. I write business books and have written on diverse subjects like Finance, Quality, and Psychology. I never knew the subjects I wrote on till I started discussing them with my author.

A mismatched author and ghostwriter team is a nightmare because you need someone with who you can work with and laugh- it is a long project.

I believe that as a ghostwriter I have been given the responsibility of bringing my author’s most cherished dream to reality. Your ghostwriter should be someone who can understand that responsibility and work with you. That’s why I know that if my author and I can share a laugh and talk comfortably with each other in the first few meetings, then we are good.

Ask yourself, “What do I seek from a ghostwriter?”

You need to understand your requirements with specific details. Understand the style and tone of writers that you are looking for. Be very specific about what resonates with you, what does not.

If you wish to create a generic book, you may not need too many discussions and can save a lot of time and money on that too. The ghostwriter you hire can be less experienced as well.

Have a detailed criteria list about the type of content and writer you need and run them through this. What budget you seek, the years of experience, their niche, and all other details to help you find the perfect match. Once you are clear with your requirements you can hunt for the one who fits your requirement.


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